Preconceived Notions: University Edition

           Introductions always seem to be easy for most people but as I am sitting in front of my laptop with my hands hovering over the keyboard – well, it’s kind of difficult. Trying to find similar interests to people in order to spark a conversation and fit into such a large community has been a daunting yet exciting dream of mine for the past couple of years and now that I am finally here all I can do is ask myself: “What am I even supposed to say?” I guess the answer is to talk about myself and well, introduce myself.

          My name is Sonny, I am nineteen years old and I am an English Literature undergraduate. My passions include reading (of course), writing – I write fiction, non-fiction, poetry and a whole lot of fanfiction – which I have been doing for the past 9 years or so and photography which I am new to. I have two furry babies, a tabby cat named Sherlock and a small Yorkie called Tommy and I live in the United Kingdom.

          I am your typical introvert and most often you will find me tucked away in a corner somewhere reading the day away or binge-watching TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy or Dexter and if I am completely honest, it’s usually the latter. Hm… I could probably drink my body weight in coffee, I own over 170 books and my manga collection is steadily growing as we speak – or type.

          Now onto the main topic of this blog post:

          Given that I am very new at this blogging situation, I wanted to start a conversation about something that I think a lot of people, young adults, in particular, can relate to which is the topic of the first year of university (or college for all my American pals). I think we can all agree that we step into this new chapter of our lives with a lot of anxiety, excitement, (debt) and preconceived notions of what being a university student is going to be like. I had the whole year planned out in my head – I would step out of my comfort zone by going out to parties, get drunk and turn up to lectures with a throbbing headache and I would join three afterschool clubs, probably all related to anime and kpop. Of course, that was not the case. Instead, I found out that the nightlife at my university is pretty nonexistent, that I can hold my liquor pretty well and that none of the clubs at my university interested me.

          My first day during Freshers’ Week was weird, as it should be. My newfound friends and I got lost a couple of times, we were paired up with a way-too-happy second year and we had to take horrible ID photos which will last us for the next three years of our lives. It wasn’t all weird, though. On the first day, I made three really good friends, we established a tradition of getting fast food every Monday after our Literature lecture and I got to browse through one of the massive libraries at my university (I am talking three floors full of books and research papers!)

          The point of this blog post is not to complain about university, which I do a lot by the way, but to talk about how as humans we tend to go into things with a lot or preconceived notions and prejudice and how that has the potential to be detrimental to the way we experience life. Before starting my first year of university I was dreading the nightlife aspect because I am such an introvert which in turn put a damper on how I felt and behaved during Freshers’ Week. Because of my preconceived notions I did not allow myself to, well, be myself around my new friends and to fully enjoy the experience of being in a completely new environment doing new and exciting things.

          Preconceived notions tend to set us on the path we take in life as we are not guided by personal experience or research, but by ideas and beliefs we might not be knowledgeable of. Therefore it is easy to live a rigid, close minded life that lacks enjoyment and adventure. Even so, having preconceived notions and going into situations with our minds already filled with stereotypes is only human – we all do it despite how much we wished we wouldn’t. I think my first year of university would have been different if I was more open minded and reminded myself that not everything is as it seems.

          As for the future, I think we’ll always make assumptions based on other people’s opinions, the media and stereotypes but personally I would like to be more flexible in my beliefs and hopefully that will allow me to enjoy life a little more. So, I think the moral of my first ever blog post is to be open minded and always be yourself, no matter what you think a situation is going to be like.

With love,



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