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          This weekend’s blog post is a bit more relaxed. In retrospect, I wanted to make a post about change and how change is inevitable so we might as well embrace it and make the best out of it, but after thinking about it and trying to script it out I decided against it. That blog post might come later next week instead. This weekend I am going to talk about my kpop journal and what it means to me. Granted, it’s not a blog post that takes too much brain power to read or write but it’s a fun one.

          I started listening to kpop six years ago in April when a really good friend of mine sent me the link to her Tumblr. Now mind you, I didn’t even know what kpop was when I went on her page and saw thousands of colourful MV gifs. I clicked on one of the links and it took me to the song ‘Haru Haru’ by BigBang which made me realize that I listened to G-Dragon before that. So technically, my first kpop song was G-Dragon ‘Heartbreaker’ but I always tell people that it was BigBang’s ‘Haru Haru’. I then went on to check out 2NE1 and fell in love with their entire discography, I even watched 2NE1 TV and their appearances on Strong Heart. Then I fell in love with SHINee and the rest is history.

          As a lot of people do, I fell in and out of love with kpop. First, it was because I still loved heavy metal and punk and as a child, I didn’t understand that I could love both kpop and rock at the same time. Then because the more social media became prevalent in the kpop industry the more the kpop I knew was changing and I didn’t like that. In fact, I hated how idols stopped being comfortable displaying affection towards one another, especially boy groups and girl groups and how fans couldn’t stop fighting over who was better. Then I learned about the really heavy stuff, the abuse that goes behind closed doors. This is not to say that kpop is bad, it’s not bad at all. These people singing and dancing and rapping on stage are just humans doing what they love most and are an inspiration for a lot of people.


          That being said, I re-fell in love with kpop when ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ by BTS came out. I knew BTS since their debut and I always enjoyed their music but BS&T really did it for me. I spent my days and nights obsessing over kpop again because damn, everything just got better. The cinematography, the sets, the creativity, it just drew me in and I loved it. This, in turn, made me turn my studygram into a mixed account. I started posting pictures of my notes, my bullet journal and finally of my kpop journal.

          What is a kpop journal? I didn’t really know either, I just saw all these amazing pictures on Instagram and fell in love with how colourful and pretty they all were so I decided that I would make one too. I watched videos about it and stalked every big kpop Instagrammer until I finally decided to buy my own journal and give it a try. Sure, mine didn’t look like those amazing pictures online but I had so much fun with it! I started doing birthday spreads and spreads about my favourite groups.

          I don’t think this blog post has a moral or a message per say, maybe that we should be open to possibilities and always have fun trying new things. Anyway, thanks a lot for reading my rambles. Make sure to check out my last blog post which is my August TBR!


With love,



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