August Playlist


           This month I’ve been listening to a lot of different genres of music and even discovered a new genre – ‘bedroom pop’ which sounds as weird as it is, weirdly calming that is. ‘Bedroom Pop’ or Lo-fi music is basically indie-like music made by artists at home. While there is no bedroom pop in this list, I just wanted to share the amazingness that this new genre is and to encourage anyone reading this to try it out on Spotify!

           Without further ado, here is a list of my go-to songs this August.

Billie Eilish – You Should see me in a Crown

           I usually listen to this song when I want to feel less anxious. Billie Eilish’s voice is rather calming and soothing, almost ASMR-like but with fewer tingles and so I usually listen to this song in the evening or at night.

Freedom Fry – Shaky Ground

           Shaky Ground by Freedom Fry is my go-to autumn song and since autumn is my favourite season and I just can’t wait to dive into all the magical and autumnal things, I listen to this song to make me feel better while I wait!

Billie Eilish – idontwannabeyouanymore

           Yes, again with the Billie Eilish but what can I say? She’s amazing. This song is rather deep (like all of her songs, let’s be honest) but the first time I heard it I couldn’t help but feel like I relate to the message and so whenever I need to focus on myself and on the things that I need to improve, I pop on this song and it instantly gets me in the mood to be a better me.

The Rescues – Break Me Out

           There is no fancy or deep explanation behind this song except for the fact that I am desperately wanting season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy and this song is my favourite in my Grey’s Anatomy playlist.

Ariana Grande – God is a Woman

           Do I even have to say anything about this song? This song is legendary and the music video is absolutely amazing. I love Ariana’s voice so much that the moment this song came out I couldn’t stop listening to it.

Post Malone – Better Now

           No reason other than that it’s super catchy and easy to write to.

(G)I-dle – Hann (Alone)

           This is only their second comeback but if they keep this concept and style of choreo then I can truly say I am a fan but this song, oh my… It’s soo good! The melody is so catchy and the vocals are amazing! Not to mention Soyeon’s rap in this song and the dope choreography! I’m obsessed!

Mamamoo – Egotistic

           Urgh, I love this song so much. It’s so mature (much like Mamamoo’s most title tracks) and catchy at the same time. It’s a fun song and it’s an interesting song, musically speaking. The music video is amazing too, Moonbyul is stunning (be still my beating heart!) and Solar is slaying that pole. I just love it.

Blackpink – Really

           Lisa’s rap in this song slays me every time and besides the fact that it’s so catchy, her rap is pretty much why I’m obsessed with this song.

Jonghyun – Insomnia

           This is a song pretty close to my heart. This month I have finally been able to freely listen to Jonghyun’s music without any panic attacks or bursting into tears. His voice always calmed me down, ever since I was thirteen and found out about SHINee, Jonghyun’s voice was my personal heaven and so I missed it so much in the last couple of months. Insomnia is a cover of a cover but Jonghyun sings it so beautifully, it might as well be his own song. I mostly listen to this song right before I fall asleep because it’s almost a guarantee that I will sleep well and have nice dreams.

           So here it is, my August playlist! Feel free to share your own in the comments. Thanks a lot for reading and make sure to check out my last blog post which is a review of Varun Sayal’s Time Crawlers. Have a good day!

With love,

Sonny xx

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