Top 7 Songs: SHINee


          As I have mentioned before, SHINee was the first kpop group I truly fell in love with. I’ve been following these boys for the past six years and I have never lost my infatuation with them and their music. They started out as trendsetters and remained that way until today and I really like that about them. SHINee’s music is interesting and fun and sometimes really deep. I think my favourite album of theirs has to be The Misconceptions of Me album.

          Without further ado, here are my favourite SHINee songs:

SHINee – Stand by Me

SHINee – Your Name

SHINee – Obsession

SHINee – JoJo

SHINee – Replay

SHINee – Honesty

SHINee – The Reason


SHINee – Girls, Girls, Girls

SHINee – Evil

SHINee – Fire

          So here it is, a list of all my favourite SHINee songs. Granted, I don’t like all of their songs and some of them I don’t like enough to include here but I am really happy with this list nonetheless. I think it’s a great representation of what SHINee has been able to accomplish with their concepts and their lovely vocals. Let me know your favourite SHINee songs and if you don’t know them, let me know if you’re interested in them after reading this list! Thanks a lot for reading and make sure to read my last blog post which is my fourth and last instalment in my back to school, study tips series Slytherin edition.

          With love,

          Sonny xx

(videos and photos are NOT mine, credit goes to their makers!)

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