Top 7 Songs: Monsta X


          The way I started stanning Monsta X is a bit different from how I usually find out about groups and go about learning them. I had quite a bit of disdain for rookie groups for a while, I thought their fans are ungrateful and spoiled but as I was scrolling through Instagram one day I found all these pictures of Hyungwon and I was so curious that I had to talk to the girl running the fan page. She pointed me in all the right directions; songs I should start with, videos of the members, Weekly Idol and ultimately their variety show Right Now. Long story short, Monsta X kind of taught me not to judge these talented, hard-working rookie groups by the bad apples in their fandoms and now I am enjoying kpop a lot more.

          I think one of the reasons why I fell in love with Monsta X (besides Hyungwon) was because their music fits my style so perfectly. No other kpop group (except Dreamcatcher) could fit my music taste as well as Monsta X did and so as I listened to their music I decided to stan these beautiful, talented boys.

          Without further ado, here are my seven favourite songs from Monsta X:

Monsta X – Calm Down

Monsta X – X

Monsta X – Shine Forever

Monsta X – Trespass

Monsta X – Beautiful

Monsta X – Dramarama

Monsta X – Hero


Monsta X – Ready or Not

Monsta X – Now or Never

Monsta X – From Zero

          So here it is, a list of my favourite Monsta X songs. Feel free to let me know what your favourite Monsta X songs are and if you don’t know them if you’re interested in them now that you read this list. Thanks a lot for reading and make sure to check out my last blog post which is my GYST routine!

          With love,

          Sonny xx

(videos and photos are NOT mine, credit goes to their makers!)

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