Top 7 Songs: Red Velvet


          Red Velvet is that girl group that you can’t help but love. Their concepts are always fun and amazing, their songs can vary from hyper crazy (their red side) to smooth criminal (their velvet side). Personally, I enjoy their velvet side although I do like their red side when I’m feeling energized. I don’t really think I have a particular favourite album but my bis in Red Velvet is Seulgi!

          Without further ado, here are my seven favourite Red Velvet songs!

Red Velvet – Red Dress

Red Velvet – Cool Hot Sweet Love

Red Velvet – Power Up

Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

Red Velvet –  Peek-a-Boo

Red Velvet – Bad Boy

Red Velvet – First Time


Red Velvet – Kingdom Come

Red Velvet – Oh Boy

Red Velvet – Look

          So here it is, a list of my favourite Red Velvet songs! Feel free to let me know if you’re a ReVeluv and what your favourite song is! Thanks a lot for reading and make sure to check out my last blog post which is a list of my favourite chrome extensions for productivity.

          With love,

          Sonny xx

(videos and photos are NOT mine, credit goes to their makers!)

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