Autumn Night Routine


          Unlike my morning routine(s), I only have one night routine since I have a lot more time at night and although I am not the best at keeping up with my night routine, I do really think it helps me settle in for the night. I am someone who has trouble going to bed and it only gets worse when I have something planned for the next day, so I always end up tired and groggy. To help combat that, I created a nightly routine to help me fall asleep easier. Now, I realize not everybody does this, not everybody has the time or patience but this is just what I do. I also realize that not everybody changes their routines based on seasons, but autumn is my favourite season and it’s so short so I try my best to make the most of it. 

          Without further ado, here’s my night routine!

          I usually try not to stay up all night studying or reading for class and I try my best to get at least eight hours of sleep, although that doesn’t always happen. So my night routine starts with me putting all my books and pens away and then jumping into the shower. I try to stick to a skincare routine but that doesn’t always happen either. After I’m all dry and cosy I prep my clothes and bag for the next day. Next, I light a candle, make some hot chocolate and I watch some YouTube (Madeleine Olivia, LivB or Kalyn Nicholson) or listen to a podcast (Kalyn Nicholson’s Coffee Talk or Simon and Martina’s podcast) while I plan for the next day, write down the things I’m grateful for and maybe journal for a couple of minutes. I then watch a movie (these days I’ve been watching a lot of Halloween movies, you can find a list *here*), an episode of a TV show or I finish my reading for the night. On days that I don’t have any reading to do (which is rare), I try to read a chapter or two of whatever book I’m into at the time. Finally, I listen to white noise to go to sleep.

          So here it is, my night routine! Do you have a night routine? If you do, what’s it like? Thanks a lot for reading and make sure to check out my last blog post which is a list of my top seven favourite Sleeping With Sirens songs.

          With love,

          Sonny xx

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