October Songs (2018)

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          So… October is already coming to an end and I haven’t posted much this month… I have a good reason though. I started this blog back in January. My goal was to start posting mid-year and go from there, which is what I did in June. Now, mind you, I had a five-month summer holiday so writing three blog posts per week was a walk in the park. Then I started univeristy again and that all flew out the window. Six weeks into my first semester of uni and well, it’s tough so instead of posting three times per week I am going to post once per week – hopefully I’ll be able to stick to that. I’ll probably start posting every Saturday, that way I’ll have time to write a post during the week and post during the weekend.

          Anyway, now to talk about the actual blog post – my favourite songs during the month of October. While I was struggling to get my bearings in terms of reading, assignments and all the writing projects I’ve got going on (I wrote over 30k words in three weeks) I listened to A LOT of music. Remember how I said in another post that I was that teenager who ALWAYS had her earphones in her ears? Yeah, I did that this whole month. I think they’re stuck to my ears now and I don’t think I care.

          I listen to music when I read, write, eat/cook, on my commute, in the shower, daydreaming and before I go to sleep so when Spotify (my username is @waywardstudies) decided to change its user interface I was so freaking happy. I like the new layout because it’s easier to find new music that fits my music taste so on the day my app updated I found 50% of my favourite October songs! Isn’t technology great. It’s also useful because it tells you your four most-listened-to music genres which then leads you to popular groups and new releases so finding new kpop songs is so much easier now!

          Anyway, without further ado, here are my October songs (I skipped the explanation for most of them since I don’t want this post to be too long):


Switchfoot – Native Tongue

Halsey – Without Me

The Academics – Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Pale Waves – Noises

Paperwhite – Loop

Steve Aoki – Waste It On Me (ft. BTS)

Astrid S – Emotion

Chungha – Rollercoaster

SNSD – Lil’ Touch

H.I.N.P – Rumor


RM – MONO (yeah, the entire mixtape)


          So yeah, here you go. Probably my longest song recommendation blog post yet. Some of these songs are special in different ways. I listened to Without Me (Halsey) and BBIBBI (IU) as I read three Raven Cycles books in three days and I listened to Rollercoaster (Chungha) as I wrote 3000 words in one night and I listened to the entire MONO album as I went to and from university. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did feel free to like and repost and make sure to tell me what your October playlist sounds like! Thanks a lot for reading.

          With love,

          Sonny xx



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